Protest ReEmbodied

Live performance online: Tuesday 22nd September 2020 7pm

Large letters of the word Resist with images of protest signs filling them

Queer Liberation/BLM Protest 2020

Part of Integrated Channels online exhibition

Performance link: Click here to go to the Zoom Room. 6:30pm, 9/22/20

Protest ReEmbodied is a performance done in a virtual projected environment, featuring footage and audio captured at the Queer Liberation March, NYC June 2020

It will be webcast live to the exhibition zoom meeting room where logged in viewers can watch it.
It is based on the piece in the show of the same title.

Protest ReEmbodied, the piece in the show, is an app that allows participants to take part in protests virtually, from their home, in their own time.

It makes it possible for people who cannot physically attend protests to digitally insert themselves in protests, creating video files they can then upload to social media and participate virtually.

It enables people with disabilities, vulnerable people during the CoVid19 pandemic (or those not wanting to potentially expose themselves), people distant or otherwise removed from the protests and more, to participate and have their voices heard.

The app is simple to use, the biggest effort being to set up a colored backdrop for the app to use to chroma key in the protest footage. It creates 1 minute black & white video files, stylized to indicate the non-real nature of the product. It does not try to fake a presence, rather offer an alternative virtual space for those that want or need it.

Requires Mac OSX 10.11 or later.

Project link: download the app here

Hashtags: #screaMachine, #protestreembodied

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