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requires Mac OSX 10.11 or later: 300mb download
I recommend you put and run the app from your desktop. It saves your video files to where you have the app so that way the video files will be easily found and watched. The app will not work properly in your downloads folder or other places it may have difficulty saving the recorded videos.
Click the above link for detailed instructions on setting up a backdrop and lighting for chromakeying and using the project interface to get optimal results. Also a link to a repository for downloading and printing protest posters to use to enhance your video performance

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Irish artist, Gearóid Dolan, a.k.a. screamachine, a.k.a. G-man

studio located in the East Village, New York City

art exhibitions in Ireland and USA

designing and producing multidisciplinary activist artworks with an emphasis on time-based media

composing and producing Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass music for the underground dance scene

as well as audio works for site-specific and gallery installation.

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