logo for protest reembodied: text in black and white


Start by turning on your Web-cam


shows five images of buttons with text on them, one for each video file in the project


Protest Video Buttons

Choose which video you would like to participate in by clicking one of the 5 buttons.

Each video is 1 minute long and loops forever.

You can keep one playing while you set up your chroma-keying and adjust your lights etc.

Practice your performance and then hit record. Video will stop playing when recording is complete

Now it is time to work on chroma-keying. Click on the colored backdrop in the place that seems the most average. Use the blue & white slider between the before and after screens to adjust the range of the chroma-keying. You may need to go back and forth between choosing where to click and how much to adjust the range slider to get the best results.
You may also try adjusting your lights based on what you see. In the sample above you can see the background is unevenly lit so to include the darker parts in the key, it ends up removing part of the dark jacket. Best to fix the lights here before continuing.
Clicking in the wrong place gives strange results: here the video is playing in the sweater.
Slowly bring the range slider up
Adjust your lights as needed, and maybe try clicking in different areas when you get close to make fine adjustments with the three elements: lights, clicked area, range slider. 'Even if you cannot get it perfect, it may be ok to leave a little of the background color, as all gets desaturated in the final mix and the background video is contrasty and moving a lot, so better have some "noise" with you than some holes in yourself.
Go to far and you will have parts of yourself become transparent. Of course this can be interesting and you can get creative with this element.

With a clean, flat, evenly lit backdrop you can get good results.

Now you are ready to practice your performance and press RECORD.


After you press RECORD it will give you a 10 second countdown


Once recording starts it will give you a 60 second countdown before stopping and saving your file



After recording you can click on this pop-up and go back and start a new recording.

Please post recordings on social media.

  shows the image that appears on screen when recording ends: reads Recording Complete

The video file is saved to the same location as the app, so if you put the app on your desktop, that's where the recorded video files will be.

Part of this project is to keep the protest movements alive and in people's minds, so by posting your resulting videos online it will extend the life and reach of this project and serve to prolong and enhance the voice of the people.


Post your results to social media using

email address
I would appreciate you sending me copies of your videos too, if you are willing. Send me an email and I'll give you an upload link to get your files.
Thank you for taking the time to participate and get involved

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