Fightback direct action print series

"Fightback" is a series of stamped word/phrases placed on top of existing garbage-images around New York City. Currently the 2 stamps in use read "There is no god" and "Fightback". These typify the series which will grow to include many word/phrases, some of which, like "Fightback" are non-specific, but intimate action, and others that address specific issues, like "There is no god" addressing the pervasiveness of magical thinking.

People will be invited to participate by requesting specific stamps which they can use in their locality; they will be asked to document and return the photos to me for archiving and display.

I am not involved in using the stamps (which wash away with rain) for grafitti, but rather am coopting other's invasion of our walls, hoardings and public sites, with their illegal stickers, posters and flyers. Specifically, in reference to the "There is no god" stamp, in my neighborhood, there is frequent flyer-ing by evangelical churches, of car windscreens, apartment doorways and public sites. By adding the stamp onto these flyers, they nullify the immediacy of the propaganda. Other sites include advertisments posted on building site hoardings and the many sticker ads and sticker tags that proliferate on our public structures like mailboxes, street lamp posts and parking meters. These invite our scrutiny and can be usurped to read differently by the simple placing of a word or phrase.

Further issues, close to my heart, that will emerge as available stamps, include vegetarianism/animal rights, pacifism/anti-war, social issues/anti-capitalism, support for the homeless, anti-consumerism and more

© Gearóid Dolan, 2004. All rights reserved