A presentation of 7 audio performances in a multimedia environment

The artist performs live remixes of tracks from his repertoire in a light filled space.

A theramin is used as the interface to control the digital data flow (audio programme) with gestural motions.

slide projectors with motor-driven prismatic lenses beam text through the fog in multiple split beams that diverge and converge.

a smoke machine fills the space with synthetic smoke and data projectors project onto side walls and ceiling

1. In Parallel
2. Nothing
3. Without You
4. Touch the Sprit World
5. Urban Junglism
6. Rip Up the Soul
7. Kick It

Movements of the hands in proximity to the two antennae of the Theramin, modulate the amplitude and frequency of a tone which is in turn used to isolate parts of a digital audio flow and pass them through to the current mix.

The technology being used is a mixture of simple low-tech and complex state of the art. The theremin is an example of the earliest electronic sound generators; consisting of simple occilators forming interference patterns to produce waveforms, yet it is being used to control the flow of complex digital soundforms produced with the latest fractal sound design software. Equally the slide projectors, simple light sources casting shadows from miniature images with mechanized prisms splitting the beams, display text generated with hi-tech imaging software.

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