"Protest" a screaMachine proposal for:
Art in Odd Places Festival 2016

"Protest" comprises a roving video projection rig that will wander up and down 14th St. NYC each evening/night after dark, stopping at empty lots and buildings to project a looping video work, "Protest, 2014" featuring scenes from protests in New York City on the subject of the police killing of Eric Garner and the start of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York.

This semi-animated video is the latest in an ongoing13 year series of such videos under the title "Protest", all shot in New York City, starting with the protests during the buildup to the Iraq War in 2003. Part of the lives of these works is to return these images to the streets where the protests originally took place and other significant locations. screaMachine has been doing so with "Drive-By" projection performances, static and roving video installations and more. This is one such return to the streets of NYC.

To view "Protest 2014" on YouTube - click button
Various locations along 14th Street will be visited by the video projections, which last 18 minutes before repeating. Some visits will be brief, some more lengthy, some large, some smaller, some more visible than others, all depending on the different spaces available.

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