Passage performance/installation proposal
for DUMBO Arts Festival 2006

Accompanied and illuminated by animated video projections, a lone man travels back and forth between bridge arches which, too, are lit by projections. The passing of time is reflected by the speed at which the performer traverses the distance between each active spot, which is mirrored by all the animations: as time passes and stamina subsides, the performer gets slower and slower accompanied by slower and slower projections, and the arch projections get faster and faster, until the performer has slowed to a halt and the arch projections reach intense speed. 3 hours.

An investigation into the concepts of passage of time, passage of life, passages in life, destinations, goals and achievements. Mired in monotonous task-driven struggle, the performer illustrates the basic life drive, keep going on, which is ultimately uplifting.

Location: Pearl St. between Front & York
There are two arches that cross the sidewalk, with a stretch of steel fencing between. I want to place a video projector under each arch facing up, illuminating the underside of each arch with video images.
The performer travels between the arches, back and forth, accompanied by a video projection from the V.R.A.G. projector across the street, which follows him like a spotlight.  

When the performer reaches A he presses a button which restarts the A video projection... same for B

V.R.A.G. : Video Remix Artillery Gun
allows user to live-mix video clips and to
project them in any direction
(see “Drive-By”, “Protest” and “WARaid”)

performer is accompanied by video projection comprised of three elements:
1. photographic animation
2. shadow from live performer
3. drawn animat
content follows speed of performer:
running, jogging, walking, walking slowly, crawling, laying down
The V.R.A.G. operator will match the content to the speed of the performer, so when he crawls the animations will be crawling etc.

Arch Projections

A time lapse video of a resting / sleeping nude figure is projected from below onto the underside of each arch. The setup and content is the same for each arch. The time lapse footage, shot from above, shows the figure shifting and changing position... As the video progresses, the frame rate increases and the figure moves faster and faster, giving the appearance of writhing and wriggling. This stage is only seen later in the performance, when the performer has slowed down enough that the video plays this far.

Resetting them starts them as slow again. The faster the travel time from A - B, the sooner the reset. As the performance progresses this time will increase as the performer who starts out running, drops to trotting, then walking, then slows to a crawl and eventually stops. He may get up and continue after a rest.


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