a projected installation with audio and performance elements. Three video projections, featuring images from the U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq, are located on three walls on the corner of Jay and Water Streets. The artist operates his V.R.A.G. projection device from the center of the open space enclosed by the projections. The V.R.A.G. is a M.I.D.I. controlled video remix unit which allows the artist to trigger video and audio clips at will and direct the beam wherever he chooses. All the clips loaded into the V.R.A.G. are of airborne military operations from the invasion. The artist intermittently performs with the unit, beaming images of helicopters, airplanes and other air attack vehicles (along with related audio) onto the buildings surrounding the space (including buildings across the streets). All the clips projected are high contrast black & white, iconic images, removed from looking realistic, yet dominating and disturbing. Air raids, emanating from the V.R.A.G. sweep the area unannounced and disappear. An ephemeral, imaginary war is enacted on these American walls and buildings, bringing images of destruction and domination without any physicality. The piece has an aesthetic beauty and contrasted horror, causing the viewer to experience conflict and requesting of them an evaluation of their attitudes towards the invasion. “waRAID” uses scale and detail reduction to re-present war images on architectural surfaces and locations, to bring home that which before was experienced via TV

location at the D.U.M.B.O. Arts Festival 2003: corner of Jay and Water Streets


© Gearóid Dolan, 2004. All rights reserved