screaMachine performance proposal
digital video projection and soundtrack
5 minutes, 2000
The performer stands in front of a video projector with the projection hitting his naked torso. The performer stands still; a circle containing animated images of a skull is displayed on his chest. His left hand rests below, palm up, as though holding up the circle. A rotating 3D human heart is projected onto the palm of his right hand, which is held high as if giving an oath. The audio track uses samples of Astrud Gilberto in a Drum’n’Bass rhythm, reiterating the phrase ‘Without You’. The projected skull animation was generated from CAT scans and MRI scans of the artist’s wife’s head. The piece is both a lament and a love song. The image of the dead wife (skull) takes the place of the artist’s heart, which now floats in front of the raised right hand of the artist. Reminiscent of images of the sacred heart, the artist mourns his imaginary separation from his love, thereby reveling in his current state.
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