Proposal for multi-page web document titled "WTC Aftermath"

"WTC Aftermath" is an interactive site with multiple pages navigable from a home page. The home page will have a flash animation with linkable objects, allowing the user to navigate to the other parts of the site.

The flash animation will consist of a number of animated sequences which engage the user in a dialog which is both humorous and unpleasant, discussing political, theological and ethical aspects of the disaster downtown by placing the user in awkward positions such as first person singular singing a ridiculous rhyme as they fly a plane into the towers (see above). Further animations will cover issues such as the wide scale "cashing in" on the tragedy, and feature many of the political figures who have benefited from the attack, including ex-mayor Giullianni, governor Pataki and president Bush, all of whom were in low esteem prior to the attack. Others include the media who have created an enormous industry around reporting anything and everything vaguely related, complete with ever-changing graphics, sound effects and endless reiterated soundbytes; vendors profiting from fake NYPD and NYFD hats and T-shirts, stores and publication companies/printers selling "united we stand" etc. banners, posters, postcards etc. In another part of the site there will be a "wtc lucky dip" area (see wtc lucky dip) where users may wander through the rubble of the disaster area finding such merchandising juxtaposed with images of limbs and body parts, forcing them to reconcile the superficial patriotism available for money with the real horror of the attack. There will be many nodes to the site, each following a logic that presents two fighting sentiments: such as the joy of the islamic fundamentalists on achieving destruction beyond conception, in contrast to the horror: the ground swell of patriotism in contrast to the American foreign policies that aggravate other nations to hatred: the pointing the finger to foreign countries as being theocracies while all the while invoking God to help in their defeat.

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