screaMachine visiting artist: Aine Phillips
Aine Phillips 2003
This series of work explores the connection between eroticism and maternalism in a woman’s experience of her body. An intimate, subjective expression of female sexuality is at the core of the work. A condition of longing and sense of loss are synchronous with this eroticism
1. Baby Cake (eating her own children)
A performance with audio and props.
The artist presents a beautifully made ‘baby cake’, (a rich fruit cake, decorated with pink fondant icing in the form of a premature baby) and ritualistically cuts it, offering slices to the audience for eating. As she presents each slice to a member of the audience, she delivers a spoken text. The texts express the dilemmas of motherhood, the desire for possession and rejection alongside the contradictions of our culture in its representation of female sexuality and motherhood.
A sound track accompanies the live action, it incorporates surging, ambient, tonal music.
Duration: 8 minutes
2. Milk Spill
A performance with data projection, audio and props.
The artist stands before the audience and delivers a spoken monologue, a litany of the pains and pleasures of motherhood. She is wearing a pink linen dress attached by tubes to small squeezy bottles full of milk. As her monologue develops, she takes the milk bottles and squeezes and the milk expresses from the dress at her breasts. The milk flows from her body through the dress, pouring in white columns down the pink fabric turning it red. The milk pools at her feet on wool blankets. She finally lies on the wet blanket and wraps up.
Duration: 8 minutes
3. Breast Pump Love-Bites
A performance with data projection, audio and props.
The artist stands before the audience wearing a long night gown. She sensually drops the gown from her shoulders and it falls on her hips. She takes a battery operated breast pump and pumps/suctions randomly on her body, sucking the skin until a welt rises, a ‘love-bite’ rises on the skins’ surface. The pump is attached to a hidden tube which feeds the baby’s bottle (the part intended to fill with milk) slowly with a blood-like red fluid. It appears that she is suckling blood from her skin.
A video projection accompanies the live action, it incorporates images of milk spurts sensually assailing and issuing forth from the breasts. A keening vocalisation on a pre-recorded sound track intercuts with spoken texts. The voice laments and allures, there is something exposed and revealed.
Duration: 15minutes.
Aine Phillips
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