The upper layer image is a representation of an open bible. It consists of a collage of passages from various sections of the bible dealing with sexuality - both male and female.   The lower layer image is a representation of the artist and his lover. They are locked in a naked embrace that is both romantic and sexual but not pornographic.
This piece is designed to be an installation that is inaugurated by the performance. An overhead camera records the performance; this footage is then looped and played back through the projector continuously, thus forming the fixed installation. The viewer is presented with an image of the performance shot from above, giving the impression that there is a (virtual) cut-out in the floor and the performance is taking place on the floor below.
“Drag” serves as a cathartic cleansing of the artist’s spiritual and religious upbringing in Ireland. It takes the sexually repressive doctrines that are central to the self-identity of a ‘good Irish catholic’ and erases them, replacing them with an image of non-repressive sexual ease. While liberating himself from his catholic past, the artist makes sure he retains his Irish identity by clutching his Irish birth certificate throughout the process. While many would argue that religious identity is synonymous with national identity in Ireland, as exemplified by the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland; the artist shows that a break from this past is possible.

© Gearóid Dolan, 2004. All rights reserved