Separate performance/installation
@ DUMBO Arts Festival 2005
"Separate" is a multimedia installation/performance that addresses issues of homelessness
and disenfranchisement. It serves as metaphor for the many burdens of the human condition
that are experienced by each of us alone. It raises issues about the burden of trying to exist
in an increasingly technological society, where identity is reliant on participation. It comprises
a set of animations, a performance and a live mixed video featuring both.
A performer in white coveralls, pulling a weighted milk crate, drags this burden around within the confines of the performance area. He carries a video projector strung around his neck, that projects animations onto the ground ahead of him. The performer slowly drags his burden round and round the location. He is illuminated from above by video projections which form a large pool of light which is the performance area. On adjacent walls we see projected the animations of a wandering homeless person in a desolate landscape, mixed live with footage of the performer in the space. The end result is a constant mixing and remixing of the images of the live performer and the animated character.

© Gearóid Dolan, 2004. All rights reserved