Target Assault performance/installation series
New York City 2010
Target Assault, a series of visual “assaults” on potential terrorist targets around New York City, such as the Manhattan Bridge, by a weaponless naked figure in the form of an animated digital projection. The nude figure, devoid of all potential harm, climbs the structure, traverses a portion and returns to the ground. The figure continues to climb the structure into the night, with continuously varying sequences. It is a projected image, offering no potential harm to the structure, leaving no trace.
The projector mimics the ability of an artillery gun to point and shoot in multiple directions and is interactive in that the operator can change content on the fly: I call the system the VRAG (Video Remix Artillery Gun).
The performer operates the projector by pointing it to the target and roving the structure with images. He has an array of buttons along the projector handles that allow him to change/edit/mix the video content. He plays the projector like a musical instrument, hitting different surfaces with different clips and endless combinations of clips.
Funded in 2009 by the New York State Council on the Arts, production of a new VRAG was completed in early 2010, along with final versions of the animations. With extensive location scouting and planning, with insurance purchased, dates fixed, crew booked and all requirements met, permits were requested from the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, NYC. After much debate, conferencing with lawyers in City Hall and attempts to find a way to do it, the MOFTB finally declined to issue permits for any of the locations requested, stating that they are not allowed to issue permits for projections on any city property.
Target Assault @ DUMBO Arts Festival 2007

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